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Quality Management Assurance

“Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.”
– Peter Drucker

Quality management is not just about the end product or service that you provide – it’s also about the process of getting there. It’s the pursuit of meeting, or even better, exceeding customer expectations. To achieve this, there needs to be clear and consistent processes and standards for how quality is managed, and for who is responsible for making sure quality standards are met across the portfolio. The processes and controls for managing quality need to be supported by tailoring project and program management methodologies with a focused on delivering quality outcomes. Whether your quality control activities involve health checks or staged review processes, the aim is to make sure that fit-for-purpose quality underpins all project, program and portfolio level activities and deliverables, so that in the end, the way you deliver is repeatable and fit for the intended purpose.

At Benefit Management, we believe that the right quality management approach can make a significant difference to the value that projects, programs and the portfolio can deliver. We have successfully implemented quality management systems in several organisations, providing them with the knowledge and tools to effectively set and endorse quality standards. Since the implementation of quality management systems, we have seen the standards of project outputs and program outcomes increase significantly across the portfolio. The ultimate outcome is increased certainty in repeatable outcomes of projects as they deliver against strategy.

Challenges We Find

  • Quality Management Strategy is written, but has never been implemented
  • Unclear differentiation between quality management at the project, program and portfolio levels, and how they all fit together
  • Quality standards are not validated by the stakeholders that will be ultimately receiving the outputs/ benefits

Examples of how we can help

  • Developing new or refining existing quality management systems with a focus on the most pragmatic approach to implementing and sustaining an effective quality management system
  • Capacity building in the area of quality management to ensure a shared understanding of concepts and processes
  • Project, program and portfolio level assurance