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"how does everything link together?"

With so much project and program activity going on in your business, how do you know that it all links together to achieve your strategic goals? Benefits Linkage shows and measures the contribution of projects and programs toward strategic goals of the business. Beyond simple benefits "maps", it seeks to identify how projects and programs work together to achieve measurable benefits and to identify areas where potential benefits overlap may occur.

We seek to work with to identify the right mix of work, and when and how your projects and programs are important.

Understanding linkages is all about context and visibility across projects and programs of work. Through appreciating how a given project or program contributes to other areas of the business and longer term strategic goals, it becomes a lot clearer to set reasonable benefit targets for the projects or programs to achieve.

"comparing apples with apples"

A common Benefit Language ensures that there is both consistency and rigor in the way that benefits are forecast and claimed. This takes into account that the groups that respectively deliver projects, are accountable for benefits and report on corporate performance are different. This means that without common language, there is potential for variation in the way that benefits are claimed and/ or reported. It also means that the same benefits can be forecast using different business rules and assumptions across the business if care isn't taken.

We work with you to define a Benefit Language for your business as a common way of articulating the business rules and measures that will be used across projects and programs. It defines which benefits the organization is interested in tracking and the business rules from which these can be forecast.

"Are we getting what we wanted?"

Benefit Leadership is what is most commonly meant when referring to benefits management. It covers the timing, accountability and measurement of benefits included within approved project and program business cases. This means that benefits leadership is a key linkage to performance management both at a business unit and personal level.

We work with you to assess and apply benefits management at the project and program level. This is very often the starting point for us as we help you look for consistency and overlap between projects and determine if claimed benefits are actually being realised.

"How can we get better at getting better?"

Benefit Learning is the process by which business rules for benefits forecasting are improved, accountabilities for realisation are managed and forecast benefit expectations are improved. The objective is to be continually narrowing the gap between forecast benefits and those actually realized.

As benefits are realized, actual results are measured. The difference between what is measured and what is forecast occurs either because estimates were wrong, the business environment has changed or because of performance issues. We work with you to identify the cause of any variation and update your benefit management framework or put other management interventions in place to resolve identified issues.

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